Cosmetics Labeling and Marking Requirements for Saudi Arabia

  • 6/4/2020

Learn what the specific labeling and marking requirements are for cosmetic products being imported into Saudi Arabia.

Cosmetic products must be labeled in Arabic on the outer packaging with the following elements:

  • The name and brand name
  • The name and address of the manufacturer or importer
  • The expiration date given as month and year for products that expire in less than 30 months or the phrase “Period After Opening” with the number of months the product expires if more than 30 months
  • The list of ingredients, which must conform to the international nomenclature for cosmetic ingredients
  • The function of product
  • The storage conditions
  • The production date or batch number
  • The usage instructions and precautions
  • The country of manufacture
  • The volume

Medical claims are prohibited unless they conform to Gulf Standard GSO 1943/2009. English language labeling is permitted alongside the Arabic.

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