Introduction to eCosma

  • 10/1/2020

Learn more about eCosma, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) electronic cosmetic notification system.

Implemented in 2015 by the SFDA (Saudi Food & Drug Authority), eCosma is an electronic cosmetic notification system that eases the process of application for registrations.

Its main purpose is to regulate the Saudi cosmetics market by building a comprehensive database of locally manufactured or imported cosmetic products and inform the competent authority about the products placed or made available on the market.

ECosma is different from a conformity assessment or registration process as it does not confirm the compliance of the products. A certificate of conformity is still mandatory when exporting cosmetics to Saudi Arabia.

Indeed, before exporting and selling cosmetics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, importers must notify and register each cosmetic product to the local health authority, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA). The person in charge will have to choose among 4 different types of notification:

  • Simple products
  • Simple products with variants (such as make up products: all shades can be declared under the same notification)
  • Composite products (such as pallets composed of several type of products: blush, eye shadow,..)
  • Kit products (kits composed of several products: such as hair colors, kits shower gel + perfume, gift boxes..)

Once all the products are registered, an eCosma notification number will be available.

The registration of the products is under the responsibility of the importer or person in charge of placing the products on the market, however Cotecna is authorized to help you in the creation of this platform.

Wish to find more about eCosma? Our Cosmetic Regulatory Manager will share her knowledge on export regulations in the Middle East on Friday 2nd of October, at the Cosmetic International Congress organized by Cosmed.

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