Everything you need to know about SASO

  • 1/29/2021

What is SASO? What is a SASO certificate? Get all the answers to your burning questions.

What is SASO?

Founded in 1972, SASO is the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization. It’s a government body entrusted with all activities related to standards, measurements and quality in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

SASO provides the necessary measures for quality control of raw materials and products and sets necessary conformity procedures of products based on the verification of quality, legislation and application of the Quality Mark Scheme.

What is SASO’s mission?

SASO’s main objective is to elevate the standards and the quality of products and services, to protect the consumer and to strengthen the competitiveness of the national economy.

What are SASO’s main responsibilities?

To achieve its mission and objectives, SASO has an exhaustive list of responsibilities which include:

  1. Publish approved standards in the manner it deems appropriate.
  2. Issue regulations for conformity assessment procedures of commodities, products and services pursuant to approved standards.
  3. Issue and implement regulations of licensing procedures of local and imported products that conform to adopted national standards and grant rights of use thereof.

Full list here

What is a SASO certificate?

To protect the businesses from fraud and ensure that products are free from defects that may affect the health and safety of consumers SASO requires a two-stage certification process to export products into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

What kind of standards does SASO issue?

SASO issues standards in the following fields:

  • Construction and building materials
  • Chemical and petroleum products
  • Electrical and electronic products
  • Mechanical and metal products
  • Textile products
  • Metrology & Measurements
  • Quality and Conformity Control
  • Information and Documentation

How do SASO and Cotecna collaborate?

Cotecna’s mandate as an approved Conformity Body includes one or a combination of the following:

  • Product verification and documentation review
  • Consignment Inspection in exporting country
  • Sampling and testing of goods in accredited laboratories
  • Factory audits
  • Delivery of a Product Certificate of Conformity (PCOC) upon Technical Regulations
  • Issuance of a Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCOC)

We therefore, assist exporters and importers with the Saudi mandatory certification services for shipments and accompany them throughout the entire certification process.

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