SFDA Food: Mandatory COC for new products from Egypt India and Jordan

  • 5/17/2021

As a trusted partner of the Saudi Arabian government we would like to share with you an update from SFDA Food regarding the new products that will require a Certificate of Conformity (COC)

Starting on 15th July 2021, a mandatory COC will be required for all consignments of fresh vegetables, fruits, agricultural crops, and spices exported from Egypt, India, and Jordan. In addition, these products will need to prove their compliance with the technical regulations and standards approved by the SFDA, and in particular:

  • Technical regulation SFDA.FD 382 "maximum limits for pesticide residues in agricultural products Food".
  • Technical regulation GSO 1016 "microbiological standards for commodities and foodstuffs."

With regards to the products exported from Egypt, in addition to the above, the COC must prove that a laboratory test for the hepatitis A virus (Hepatitis A) has been performed.

Please click here to find out if your food products are a regulated product under the SFDA Food programme and what special requirements it is subject to before obtaining your Certificate Of Conformity.

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