Everything you need to know about the SABER Platform

  • 4/8/2020

As of January 2019, all shipments arriving into Saudi Arabia need both a Product and a Shipment Certificate of Conformity. How do you obtain them? Let us guide you through the SABER Platform.

As part of the Saudi Product Safety Programme (SALEEM), the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has launched an electronic platform called SABER.

This platform has replaced the SASO COC and has become the only system for clearing goods through Saudi Customs. In other words, the SABER platform becomes your key to the Saudi Arabian Market.

The SABER platform connects traders, importers to accredited certification bodies (CB) like Cotecna and allows you to gain time on the issuance of your certificates.

How to obtain your Conformity Certificates on the SABER Platform

Product Certificate process:

  1. The importer will enter his company details on the SABER Platform
  2. The importer selects Cotecna as Certification Body
  3. Cotecna accesses the SABER platform to check the conformity request
  4. Your dedicated Cotecna coordinator will check your documentation and any necessary activity (testing, inspection or audit) will be scheduled
  5. If required, any needed testing, inspection and/or audit will be conducted
  6. After satisfactory results, Cotecna will issue the Product Certificate
  7. Your Product Certificate will be available on the SABER platform and will be valid for one year

Please note that to facilitate product registration on SABER, our team in KSA will happily assist the importer to register their products on their behalf.

Shipment Certificate process:

  1. The importer sends a request online via SABER
  2. Cotecna will review the Product Certificates for every regulated product
  3. Cotecna will schedule an inspection if needed
  4. If the PCOC is valid, Cotecna will issue the Shipment Certificate on SABER
  5. Your Shipment Certificate will be available on the SABER platform and will be valid for that specific shipment only

Benefits of the SABER Platform

  • Assistance by an accredited certification body like Cotecna
  • Electronic access to your Product and Shipment Certificates automatically
  • Time saving with a quicker response
  • Additional consumer protection
  • Reduction of fraud and non-conforming products

Cotecna is your one-stop-shop and can assist importers with the compulsory product registration on SABER in addition to the certification process.

To request a free quote, or to learn more about the certification process, please contact us. 

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