SASO Technical Update for Building and Construction materials

  • 3/16/2021

The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has announced some technical regulations updates regarding Building and Construction materials

On 22nd January SASO has notified Cotecna of the addition of 4 standards to the Part 5 of the Building and construction materials technical regulation (Pipes used in water, electricity and gas piping networks)

Please find below the list of these amended regulations:

Standard title Standard no.
Standard specification for plastic pipes made of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (SDR-PR) (CPVC) SASO ASTM F442M
Industrial valves - Gate valves made of copper alloy SASO EN 12288
Building valves - Stop valves made of copper ingots for drinking water supply in the Building - Tests and requirements SASO EN 1213
Building Valves - Ball Valves made of Copper ingots and Stainless Steel for Drinking Water Supply in the Building  - Tests and Requirements SASO EN 13828

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