SASO Technical Update for Tools and Appliances Used in Kitchens

  • 3/11/2021

The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has announced some technical regulations updates regarding tools and appliances used in kitchens

On 22nd January SASO has notified Cotecna of the addition of 11 standards to the Food Safety in tools and Appliances Used in Kitchens technical regulation.

Please find below the list of these amended regulations:

Standard title Standard no.
Paper cups SASO-2911
Disposable plastic tableware (one – time use) SASO-2888
Food containers made of polypropylene or polyethylene for multi-use SASO-2939
Plastic Bottles used for water bottling and conservation SASO-2933
Porcelain tableware SASO-2933
China tableware SASO GSO-2179
Methods of testing of China tableware   SASO GSO- 2173
Cooking tools made of thermal glass  SASO GSO – 2075
Knives and tableware - naming SASO GSO ISO 4481
Disposable tablecloths made of polyethylene (one-time use)  SASO- 2887
Table stain remover  SASO- 2332

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