SFDA Warning on Azelaic Acid in cosmetics products

  • 5/19/2021

As a trusted partner of the Saudi Arabian government we would like to share with you an ingredient warning received from SFDA regarding cosmetics containing Azelaic Acid.

In reference to the Royal Decree No. (M/49) and its implemented regulations, the Saudi Food and Drugs Administration (SFDA) has announced an important update regarding Azelaic Acid.

Indeed, after reviewing the available evidence and studies on the safety of the substance, SFDA has requested that all manufacturers and importers of cosmetics products should apply to the following:

  1. It is allowed to add Azelaic Acid in cosmetic products that remain on the skin (-leave on), not exceeding 0.3% as a maximum, and in cosmetic products reusable. Rinse (Rinse-off) not exceeding 10%. 
  2. Granting the correction period for all products traded in the market until the date of 1st January 2022 and after this date, it is considered a violation. 

For more information regarding the import of cosmetics to Saudi Arabia, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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