What you need to know about the Saudi Consumer Goods Recall Platform

  • 3/25/2021

The free e-service provided by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Commerce is a reference of all consumer goods that the relevant agencies recall.

To improve the quality of service provided to consumers and develop better after-sales support in the Kingdom, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MCI) in Saudi Arabia has launched the "Defective Product Recalling Center" (https://recalls.sa/). This new platform is part of MCI’s aim to promote initiatives that support and align with the National Transformation Program 2020 and the Kingdom's Vision 2030 projects.

This Defective Product Recalling Center seeks to provide better consumer safety controls by recording and following up on complaints about manufacturing defects and any other problems related to products domestically and internationally.

Objectives of the Recalls platform

The main objectives of the new system are to ensure the safety of Saudi consumers. The new service also serves to increase awareness over product safety and encourage a culture of transparent reporting of incidents and injuries. Together these objectives help to create a safer and fairer market environment.

Benefits and features

Some of the features of the new system include:

  • View an overview of all recalled products
  • Search for products by model type, trademark or date
  • Report any unsafe or a defective product
  • Stay up to date with all the latest recalled products with the notification service

How to register and report an Incident

If you would like to report a defective or unsafe product, you will need to submit the following information:

  • Name and description of the product.
  • If the product type is a vehicle, you will need to provide the chassis number of your vehicle and year of manufacture.
  • The name of the manufacturer, agent, distributor, or dealership of the product.
  • A clear description of the product-related issue and its date of occurrence
  • Upload photos of the product and attach supporting documents and reports

When you have this information ready, you can notify the ministry by contacting their universal access number "1900.' The Ministry of Trade and Investment staff will review your complaint, accompanying information and conduct a product investigation.

For more details regarding the recall platform or if you need any further information regarding the Saudi conformity programme, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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