SFDA Food Certification Process

Exporting to Saudi Arabia? Let us guide you through the SFDA Food conformity assessment process, and the steps you need to take to get your food & beverage products certified for import into the country.

Cotecna has been accredited by The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) to ensure the compliance to the applicable standards of all regulated food products imported into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The conformity assessment programme aims to ensure safety and security of food and feed, safety and security of pesticides and ease commercial traffic flow while maintaining safety of food and reinforcement of consumers and clients confidence in food control authority

Step-by-Step Process

  1. The exporter / importer will have to fill out the Request of Certification (RFC) and Declaration of Conformity
  2. Once we receive your request, a dedicated and local coordinator will review your demand.
  3. Your coordinator will check all the necessary documentation and from that, define the scope of needs.
  4. When necessary and to comply with importing SFDA's regulations, your dedicated coordinator will guide you through the needed verifications and will schedule them (testing of samples, inspection and/or audit when required)
  5. After satisfactory results, Cotecna will issue the product certificate (valid one year)

Routes for SFDA Food

To assess the conformity of a shipment, the verification of conformity process will follow one of two levels of compliance, named “routes”. The choice of the route depends on the profile of the exporter. These are:

Route A for exporters with infrequent shipments (Non registered products)
It involves pre-shipment inspection and pre-shipment testing of products. Physical inspection can be carried out to verify the labelling/markage, storage and other visual verification.

Route B for regular exporters with homogenous products (Registered products)
This process involves product testing for compliance and the statement of Product Registration is valid for a year.

Request a Certification

To learn more about the SFDA Food programme, or to get a product certificate for your exports, please send us a request.

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